Fresh Blood 8 oz | Bleeding Art Industries | Makeup

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The brightest and most traditional of fake bloods, use this product for situations where blood has spurted fresh from the body, just moments before. As such, the blood is non-oxidized and is a bit orange in color. True to how fresh blood would look. Feel free to apply it to clothing or surfaces, as it does not stain. Expressly designed for use by vampires who have just finished feeding, vampire victims, trauma accidents and medical costumes such as a doctor that has emerged from O.R.

Caution: Do Not Swallow. Designed for use in film and on stage, or for medical or military simulations. Does not stain clothes and fully washable. Use only soap and water to clean. Do Not apply alcohol-based or baby wipes, as these will fail to clean the area and will produce an unpleasant reaction.

Made by an Alberta company located in Calgary. No preservatives or paraffin.