Black Taffeta Cape with Foam Collar | Vampire | Costume Pieces & Kits

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Elevate your costume game to a whole new level of elegance with our Black Taffeta Cape with Foam Collar. This accessory is the cape-de-la-cape, a must-have for any aspiring Count, Vampire, Magician or gothic aficionado. Its luxurious taffeta material drapes gracefully, giving you an aura of mystique and sophistication. The foam collar adds an extra touch of eerie grandeur, making you stand out at Halloween parties or any costumed affair. Whether you're prowling the night or simply aiming for a touch of dramatic flair, this cape is your go-to choice. So, wrap yourself in the mystique of the night with our Black Taffeta Cape – it's simply cape-tivating!

 Item Includes:

  • Black Taffeta Cape
  • With Attached Foam Collar