Black and White Gothic Victorian/Steampunk Lace Skirt

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Blending history with futuristic elements sounds like a challenging task, but with this black and white lace steampunk skirt your job will already be half done! This long skirt, falling to the ankles, is made of a black satin-like material giving the garment a slight sheen. White lace trimming surrounds a beautiful black lace center, creating a shawl like strip which hangs around the backside of the skirt. This lace loop connects at the waist in the front of the garment. Wear this sci-fi inspired skirt out to themed parties, Victorian events, or save in your closet for future formal outfits! This accessory would also make the perfect gift for the steampunk lover in your life!

**NOTE: This skirt fits small, closer to a Woman's 2 - 6 dress size.