Biker Cross Tattoo | Temporary Tattoo | Makeup

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Rev up your style with our Biker Cross Tattoo, the ultimate accessory for rebels with a fashionable cause! This temporary tattoo doesn't just stick; it screams attitude. It's not just a mark; it's a statement. Whether you're hitting the town or cruising through a costume party, this tattoo adds the perfect touch of grit and edge. Don't settle for the ordinary – embrace the extraordinary with a symbol that says, "I'm here to rock the look and roll with the trends." Easy to apply and impossible to ignore, our Biker Cross Tattoo is the go-to choice for those who ride the wave of bold fashion. Get ready to roll out with confidence and flaunt a style that's as fearless as it is fabulous!

  • Apply with water and gently remove with soap and water.
  • 1 tattoo per package.
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