Ben Nye Zombie Makeup Wheel

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With shows like the Walking Dead, Z Nation, and more featuring the murderous undead, it is no surprise that there is a color circle specifically for Zombies! With the Ben Nye Zombie Makeup Wheel you can head down to your local Zombie walk, or themed costume party without any inkling of life left in your skin. Bring life to the undead and create a unique horde, each with their own wounds and marks easily created through use of the highly pigmented crème colors! With a high quality smooth consistency, these paints can be applied easily using anything from fingers to sponges or brushes. Blend colors together as needed and apply to real skin or prosthetic appliances to create the desired effect. For a smudge proof finish it is suggested to set the make-up designs with a translucent powder, or setting spray. Remove by simply using soap and water, making your night worry free after your big performance. The Ben Nye Zombie Makeup Wheel will scare you as much as it inspires you, making Halloween and performances exciting and exhilarating!

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