Ben Nye Monster Makeup Wheel

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When you’re a child, the boogeyman is the scariest monster you can imagine, but as an adult our ideas of evil entities become much more sinister. Whether you pull inspiration from film, or create your own terrifying beast, the Ben Nye Monster Makeup Wheel will give you all the colors you need to unleash your creativity. Transform friends and family into ghouls, goblins, reapers, and more through use of these six highly pigmented paints. With a high quality crème consistency which allows for even colouration and easy blending, conjuring creatures has never been so easy! Apply easily through use of anything from fingers, to sponges and brushes as needed to either natural skin or prosthetics pieces. For a smudge proof finish it is suggested to set the make-up designs with a translucent powder, or setting spray. Remove by simply using soap and water, making your night worry free after your big performance.