Ben Nye Gel Wound Kit 3 Pack

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The Ben Nye Gel Wound Kit 3 Pack comes with Blood Gel, Scar Gel, and Flesh gel, each in a 2 oz container. The three products can be used together or separately to create realistic looking wounds, blisters, lacerations, scars, and much more. To use, the heat capped bottles must be put in hot water to liquefy the gels to a smooth consistency. Using the appropriate brushes and tools to apply and mold, the gel will begin to thicken while it cools. Blend and smooth edges for the best effect, and set the gel with a translucent powder, and clean up excess product using cotton swabs. Add foundation, paints, and other product as desired. To clean off, gently peel gel prosthetics from skin and wash the area with warm water and soap. Utilize the Ben Nye Wound Kit to practise you skills and create a unique and horrifying appliance perfect for Halloween parties and other dress-up events.