Beast Adult Mask Beauty and the Beast

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Disney licensed Beast mask from their film, Beauty and the Beast, is now available for you to transform yourself from a prince to a Beast! 

This is a vinyl mask so anyone with latex allergies can still wear it. It's just like the Beast you remember from the animated classic film from your childhood. The expression on the Beast's face is happy so it won't be too scary for any young children. There are holes in the nose area which helps breathing. The areas above the mask's eyes are cutout and would be where your eyes will sit and has a pretty good range of sight. Overall, Disney's Beast mask is quite comfortable to wear. His large jaw extends from the bottom of the mask and has his large teeth. Ears and detailing to resemble his fur come from the sides of the mask and of course, at top, are his iconic horns.

This is a great accessory to pair with the classic Beauty and the Beast men's Beast costume. Makes an excellent men's costume for a Disney themed event or Halloween party.

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