Adult Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Pteranodon Inflatable Costume

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The Adult Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Pterodon Inflatable Costume includes:

  • Inflatable suit


Be a pterosaur for as long as you want with this marvelous tiny-winged inflatable costume.  Those who truly love pteradons know they’re not actually dinosaurs, but pterosaurs.  That little difference matters!  For those who seek a distinct, personal and fulfilling experience, this costume awaits.

The inflatable pterodon costume is wonderfully realistic-looking, with elaborate details.  The costume inflates by means of a battery-operated fan.  The battery attaches comfortably to your pants belt or any convenient place.

A terrific rush for wearing to birthday parties with young kids, who enjoy jumping, punching and creating total chaos around any wearer of the costume.  Fun for fan expos and all costume events, especially Halloween or summer costume events.

WARNING: the costume will not allow you to fly!