Hippie Dashiki Wig and Glasses

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The Adult Hippie Vibrant Patterned Dashiki Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Wig
  • Glasses
  • Medallion


While making love and not war is a thing, sometimes you’ve got to show your contempt for the Man, letting him know that you’re strong and you’re not going to bow to anything. you’ve got thousands together, you’ve got all your brothers, you’re going to make the mountains ring with our song. So back off brother.

This Daskiki, with the symbols and motifs of West African culture, provides a beautifully colored bright aspect. Made of stiff linen-like cloth and enriched with emblems of flowers, springs and geometric forms, the shirt wears loose around the shoulders and on the elbow-length sleeves. The costume includes a pair of blue-tint round-rimmed glasses, with a silver peace symbol to set the minds right of you and your soul brothers. The Afro wig, absolutely iconic from the late 60s and early 70s, tells the Man that you’re different and you’re independent. So he better not mess with you.

Get the message out there that you’re ready for any 60s or 70s themed event, that you’re ready for Halloween this year, that you’re ready to march if that’s what’s called for. Be true, be yourself, be whatever you want to be.