50s Librarian Clear Glasses - 4 Colours!

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Being in charge of the floor means you have to keep all the misbehaving delinquents in check. With the 50s Librarian Clear Glasses you can snap your fingers and ‘shhh’ to your hearts content, taking on the stereotype and keeping things quiet. These glasses are formed into the classically fifties styled horned rims, this is where the outside edges of the glasses extend into a point. Attached onto these pointed areas are small shiny jewels giving the accessory a touch of bling. These glasses come in four different colors, of which are black, red, white, and a light pink. You can wear these 50s Librarian Clear Glasses with any of your preferred 50’s themed costumes and accessories to truly step back in time. Also great for Librarian outfits or specific character cosplays, take these glasses out with you to parties, events, or out trick or treating Halloween night!