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Here for all your prosthetic and gluing needs is the Spirit Gum.

This amazing product makes a great adhesive for applying things like false noses, bald caps, moustaches and beards. To use, use the included applicator brush to apply a layer of film to the desired area, being careful not to get your hair caught into it. Allow it to dry slightly and become tacky to the touch, the tackier the better. Place your desired object (wig, bald cap, etc.) onto the adhesive and press gently with a towel. Allow to dry. The best way to remove Spirit Gum is to use Spirit Gum Remover as it is made to dissolve the resin bade of the Spirit Gum.

Help create a totally different look with this Spirit Gum product. Perfect for Halloween, photo shoots, and all your dressing up needs. Great for wearing with wigs, moustaches, bald caps, crepe hair and most prosthetics.