Rocker Hair-Band Costume

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The Adult Rocker Hair Band Costume includes:

  • Ripped shirt
  • Leggings
  • Studded belt
  • Bandanna
  • 2 Belt ties


Be the leader of a hard-rocking 80s heavy metal singer as you build your Bad Reputation.  Dream of the day you’ll walk into a big, beautiful office, where you’ll sign on the dotted line … and then you’re on stage, playing to thousands of insane, adoring fans.  Wow.  This is your future.  You rule and it’s all because of Rock & Roll.

The brilliant leggings are multi-colored animal prints – leopard, cheetah, zebra and snakeskin, true to your faceted personality.  A meshed shirt, torn, includes an iconic crowned skull with “heavy metal” motif.  The studded leather belt is designed to hang loose; tie the patterned belt ties to your belt or your wrists, to define yourself as you wish.  Control your hair with the head bandanna.

Add a wild rocker wig, do your make-up solid and fill your costume out with leather bracelets and collar.  Push your attitude to the max.  You might even add a guitar if you can handle it.  Great for any costume event or for Halloween, or if you’re getting ready for this years’ themed 80s party.  Don’t forget to break the rules and go your own way, no matter where you are.