Graduation Gown and Cap

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All graduation gowns fit up to a Chest Size of 50 inches

Are you in need of a graduation cap and gown for that special time? Looking to get some amazing photos done for all the hard work that you or your children did?  Look no further, as this is the perfect solution for you!

The Graduation Cap and Gown Bundle includes the following:

  • Black Graduation Robe
  • Black Graduation Cap with Tassel
  • 2021 Year Drop Date for Tassel

Take advantage of this amazing kit as well as The Costume Shoppe's In Store Credit Buy Back Option!!

If at the end of your photo sessions, the graduation gown and cap are in good condition* you are welcome to bring it back to the store and we'll "buy back" both!

  • If you bring both the gown and cap back, we will offer you $15 back in store credit that never expires
  • If you bring just the robe back and wish to keep the cap, we will offer you $10 back in store credit that never expires

*Good Condition generally defines as not damaged or ripped in any way, however each return is subject to the determination of The Costume Shoppe Staff

Are you worried about creases in your gown?  Ask us about our Steaming Service!!