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Funny Pickle Men's Costume includes:

  • One-piece pickle costume

*Note: One size fits most adults. Sunglasses, shirt and pants not included.

Show everyone your pickle this Halloween!

The Funny Pickle Men's Costume is a soft pullover costume. The poly-foam material is easy to wear and looks great. Simply slide the costume down over your head so your face can be seen through the cutout portion at the top. Your arms easily fit through cutouts on the sides. In the back, at the bottom of the costumer, there is an opening for your legs to fit through. It doesn't restrict movement and is still comfortable to wear for an entire evening. The body of the Funny Pickle Men's Costume is a vibrant green complete with lines and bumps just like an actual pickle.

Wear any colour of pants and shirt with this costume and toss on a pair of sunglasses to be as cool as a cucumber... Well, pickle.