Zombie Hunter Women's Costume

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Zombie Hunter costume includes:

  • Blood-stained dress
  • Faux leather glovelettes
  • Zombie Hunter bandolier

This Halloween, you'll be prepared for the zombie apocalypse with this gorgeous Zombie Hunter Costume.

This three-piece Zombie Hunter costume includes a dress, bandolier, and glovettes. The dress is slightly stretchy to ensure a sleek, sexy look and features a round collar. The dress is decorated with faux blood spatters, and has a zombie hunter badge over the left breast. The dress does up via a zipper in the front. The glovettes are made of stretchy brown material which resembles severely worn leather, and feature straps with brass buckles. The bandolier is olive green and hangs across the body.

This Zombie Hunter costume is perfect for Halloween, Zombie-themed Events, Promotional Events, or for when you just want to feel prepared.