Zalgo Creepypasta Morphsuit Costume

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Zalgo Creepy Morphsuit Costume includes:

  • One-piece full coverage jumpsuit

Slip on this Zalgo Creepy Morphsuit Costume and transform yourself into "He who waits behind the wall."

Spawned on the Internet, this "creature" wants to corrupt everything good and innocent in the world, and then it wants to end the world. Said to have seven mouths, this spooky Zalgo Creepy Morphsuit rendition features a white jumpsuit with black tendril designs creeping all over the costume. A zipper in the back zips all the way up. A pair of white eyes sit on the front of the hood of the mask of this jumpsuit. Red circles trace around the hollow, white eyes. No other facial features are present on the Morphsuit. The long, tendril like fingers extend past where your fingers would sit. For anyone with hands on the smaller side, we suggest maybe stuffing the tips of the finders with formed cotton balls just to give them some more rigidity, otherwise they'll fall and you lose the effect.

Become the Nezperdian Hivemind in the Zalgo Creepy Morphsuit Costume and "sing the song that ends the earth" this Halloween!