Yuletide Gent, Christmas Caroling Costume

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Deluxe Christmas Caroling costume includes:

  • Flocked velvet Jacket with capelet
  • Chistmas plaid vest
  • Red satin necktie
  • Red panne scarf
  • Top hat with holly
  • Victorian shoe spats

Sing all night long and spread Christmas Cheer with this 6 piece Yuletide Caroler Christmas Costume.

This Yuletide Caroler costume is a beautiful stiff Victorian inspired flocked velvet coat, in a deep evergreen colour. The coat has an attached capelet, three gold buttons on the sleeve, and two more gold buttons on the collar. The vest is a Christmas plaid, with a black back and ties on the side to make it fit your form. The vest opens in the front with 4 gold buttons. This costume is completed with some great accessories, a grey polyfoam lined hat with a wire brim and matching Christmas plaid and holly sprig. A red satin necktie and panne scarf with fringe trim, as well as white Victorian spats for your shoes.

This matches Yuletide Lady and would be an awesome group themed costume for singing a Christmas carol. This would work nice for charity Christmas events, and dazzling little ones with Holiday cheer.

**Pants, Shirt and Gloves not included.**







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