Women's Rebel Alice Steampunk - Alice in Wonderland Costume

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Rebel Alice includes:

  • Alice Dress
  • Bow
  • Headband

Get ready for a fall down the rabbit hole with this Rebel Alice costume. Rebel Alice is a steampunk inspired Alice that is perfect for Halloween, a fairy tale or steampunk themed party, or even for a little fun behind closed doors.

This baby blue dress features off the shoulder sleeves and faux suspenders. Blue striped peplums along with belts and chains help to give this dress its Victorian and steampunk appeal.  The costume comes with a large black bow that can be pinned to the back of the dress and a headband with a striped blue bow.

Don’t forget about accessories such as a tulle petticoat, lace gloves and stockings to make this costume perfect! Pair this with a Mad Hatter costume for a great couples costume. This costume is perfect for those who are looking for a steampunk inspired version of Alice. This Alice costume is wonderful for Halloween or any sort of fairy tale themed party.