Wolf Mascot Plush Costume

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The Deluxe Wolf Mascot Costume includes:

  • Fluffy jumpsuit with attached mitten covers
  • Wolf head with see through one-way mesh eye holes
  • Soft easy-on foot covers

The Wolf Mascot Costume is an excellent way to buy a mascot outfit.  It includes everything you'll need. Jump into the suit, place the shoe covers on your feet, set the head piece on your head, and slip into your mittens, and bam, you're a wolf!

The Deluxe Wolf Costume head piece features unique one-way mesh eye holes that are large enough to see everything through, yet extremely discreet from the outside.  You'll be completely hidden behind this wolf's eyes.  The bodysuit is super soft and has a zipper up the back to keep you secure.  The shoe covers use elastic to hold themselves in place around the ankles of the body suit.  They have stable soles that are covered in a slightly different material than the rest of the costume to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.  Easy to get into and out of, surprisingly comfortable, and very flexible, you'll be able to bust a move or score some goals in this wolf mascot costume.

This Deluxe Wolf costume is great for events that involve howling at the moon, running in a pack, chasing little girls wearing red hoods, or huffing and puffing.  Secure and comfortable enough to be worn to dance parties but also great as a sports mascot, this costume is very versatile for its size.  Good for Halloween parties, tailgate parties, animal themed parties, or pretty much anything else.  Let out your inner wolf with this adorable costume today!