Western Renegade Outlaw Costume

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The Mens Western Renegade Outlaw Costume includes:

  • Long coat
  • Shirt vest
  • Pants
  • Pant laces


You're a fugitive from justice, a renegade on the run from the law for robbing a train, knocking over two banks and killing a man in Reno just to watch him die. You're making your own law now and you're a hero among the little people. It's the best time of your life … and woe betide any marshal who dares try to run you in!

The duster, or long coat, falls to the knees and features a rough, weathered finish throughout. The coat features soft, narrow lapels, with lacing to add style to the sleeves. The sleeveless vest closes with Velcro tabs, with lacing along the shoulders. The shirt's satiny maroon finish, with pinstripe and diamond pattern, is evidence that the stolen money you've gathered has been spent on looking your best. Finally, the light black pants with elasticized band have grommets down the outside leg; the costume includes laces for these to be closed and tied off as wished.

Stage a hold-up at any western themed party or get ready to shoot it out this Halloween in case someone's organized a posse.   You'll need to add a hat and a gun of your own choosing, but a horse might be overdoing it – unless you've got the right horse in mind, which might not even be yours … but enough said about that.