Western Gunfighter Dark Cowboy Costume

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Western Gunslinger costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Vest
  • Dickey
  • Hat
  • Gun holsters

Step into the shoes of the town sheriff, or maybe the local bandit, with this great Gunslinger Cowboy costume.

This is a six-piece costume with a jacket, vest, dickey, hat and gun holsters. The jacket is a three-quarter blazer which buttons up with one button in the front and there is interfacing lining the lapels. The vest is faked double-breasted with pinstripes and interfacing in the lapels. The vest fastens with both buttons and Velcro. The dickey is a slightly shiny white shirt front with an attached green/grey tie. There’s string that ties around the chest and the collar fastens around the neck with Velcro. The hat is a cowboy hat with a wide brim and a string that hangs under the chin. The top of the hat has added lace detailing. There are two Poly-foam holsters with string to tie to the pant leg and loops to go around a belt.

 This costume is perfect for a Wild West or Stampede costume party, or Halloween. The Gunslinger pairs great with other cowboys or Saloon Girls for a fun couple’s costume.