Warrior Tunic Medieval Costume - Plus Size

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The Men’s Warrior Tunic Plus Size Costume includes:

  • Tunic

Transform yourself into warrior ready for battle with this leather-look battle jacket suitable for any myrmidon of outstanding proportions. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the next adventure, you’ll need a jacket that will fend off foes and elements alike, while providing you the fit that will enable you to battle all night long.

With a glossy finish, this chestnut-colored piece laces from shoulders to mid-thigh, enabling it to be tied as comfort requires. A soft canvas weave ensures an easy, agreeable fit. Dark leather-look elements strengthen the tunic’s theme, giving a sense of power and strength to the Men’s Warrior Tunic Costume that every adventurer needs.

With this garment fitted over the elements of your costume, you’ll be ready to accommodate all your LARP, Re-enactment and Cosplay requirements, as well as the upcoming Halloween season. As a courageous hero ready to fight a dragon, a pirate at sea or a king ready to accept the fealty of his countrymen, our tunic will ensure that you’re dressed for the part.