Venetian Phantom of the Opera-Inspired Masquerade Mask - 2 Colours

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Are you a fan of abstract art? Take your passion one step further with this Venetian Phantom of the Opera Inspired Masquerade Mask and make a bold statement! This accessory is a half-mask which also extends over the left eyebrow in the iconic Phantom of the Opera styled shape. Asymmetrical sections in black, white, gold, and your chosen color create a unique pallet, utilizing curved renaissance shapes, and sharp angles. Underneath the right eye on every mask there is a small design depicting the front façade of a Venetian building and street. This accessory can be worn through use of attached ribbon which can be tied around the back of the head. Add a bit of historical inspiration to your NYE bash with this Venetian Masquerade Mask! This piece is perfect for themed events, Halloween night, or for theatrical plays.