Valorous Lady-Knight Costume

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The Ladies Valorous Knight Adult Costume includes:

  • Tunic with attached chainmail-styled fabric
  • Red knee-length cape
  • Chainmail-styled fabric hood
  • Tie-on belt with buckle
  • Pair of black and silver gauntlets

Get ready to take down some dragons in this Valorous Knight costume for ladies.  High quality mesh fabric with silver accents nicely mimics the look of chanmail without all the weight and pinching.  A lightly padded top adds to the armour effect, making you look like a strong female knight who is ready to go into battle.

This Valorous Knight for ladies costume comes with a slightly padded tunic.  The front chestplate features a red and silver shield with a black dragon coiled around a sword.  The detail on this piece is excellent and slightly shiny to give the effect of paint on metal.  The chainmail sleeves and sides come attached, so you just have to slip into this costume to put it on.  Padded layered shoulderpads come pre-attached to the tunic.  The cape is a burgundy red color with velcro patches to attach to the shoulders.  It is slightly shaped and will drape downwards around your shoulders in the front instead of just fluttering behind you.  The belt is thin black faux leather with a silver buckle, and can be knotted to mimic a real, traditional knight's belt.  The black and silver gauntlets are patterned to mimic chainmail or hammered iron, and feature extra banding around the cuffs to give a more three dimensional look.  They are soft and flexible for optimal movement.  You'll need to add a pair of brown or black slacks and some boots to this outfit to complete it.  The tunic is quite long, so your pants won't be fully visible.  This costume fits very true to size.

The Valorous Knight costume is great for many occasions.  Realistic enough to pull off at a renaissance fair but comfortable enough to wear to an office party, this costume is versatile.  Halloween, themed dance parties, LARPing, and getting really into it for Dungeons and Dragons are great options for this costume.