Unicorn Poncho Costume

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The Women’s Unicorn Poncho Costume includes:

  • Poncho with hood


Become a creature of majestic grace and beauty, able to dance on rainbows, as you swath yourself in this dreamy Unicorn Poncho with all the features of the impossibly rare mythological horse. While some might doubt or even question you with suspicion, you’ll know in your heart that you’re the real thing!

This stylish poncho with pink front ties with bright white pompoms. Pink strings adjust the hood, which is trimmed with matching faux-fur. The sweetest pink glitter ears a unicorn could want, with a lovely glitter horn on top, enhances the sweetness of the piece. A pair of shiny pink-silver wings adorn the back of the poncho, which is made of soft furry plush throughout.

Wear this out for raves and costume events, for warm summer nights camping, on long romantic walks with your partner and for Halloween parties. You can prove once and for all that unicorns really exist … but then, if they didn’t, how could they live so powerfully in the hearts of millions of star-eyed children?