Uhura Star Trek: Beyond Costume

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Uhura Star Trek Beyond Ladies Costume includes:

  • Dress

Transmission coming in...

This interstellar Lt. Uhura costume is definitely 'beyond' your expectations. The Uhura uniform dress is inspired by the third JJ Abrams film, Star Trek: Beyond. This dark red, one-piece dress is made of a soft-to-the-touch fabric. It features a collar in the same red fabric of the body of the dress. There is a faux black collar underneath the red of the uniform dress. A strip of Velcro can be found in the back of the uniform dress's collar and helps fasten the sides together. The sides of the Lt. Uhura Star Trek Beyond costume features darker red panels in the same kind of fabric as the rest of the costume. Around the cuffs of the sleeves are two lines of silver. The first band is thicker than the other. On the upper left portion of the Uhura uniform dress costume is the Star Fleet Command insignia and communicator pin. This is done in an embroidered fashion and it added directly onto the dress. The dress also cinches in at the waist a bit and gives an hourglass type figure.

Join the Star Fleet as Lt. Commander Uhura, Chief Communications Officer this Halloween in the Uhura Star Trek Beyond Ladies Costume!