Tween's Rick - Rick & Morty Costume

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The Rick & Morty Tween Rick Costume includes:

  • Lab coat with attached shirt
  • Mask


Get ready. Be Rick from the Rick & Morty show. Appear and destroy the normal life that Summer or Morty are having, as you transform everything that’s right into wrong, or real into fake, as the demon and messed up god that you are. You are the bizarre bringer of insane science experiments, and this is your time!

Rick’s essential white lab coat comes with an attached shirt, to create a layered effect in a single garment. Rick’s manic expression at the moment of scientific genius has been captured in a magnificent 18-inch high vacuform mask, with mesh eyes to conceal the wearer’s face while allowing excellent vision. The design brilliantly provides Rick’s wide staring eyes.

Instantly recognizable to millions, this Rick costume from Rick & Morty will win tons of favor at any fan expo or game con, as well as being a fun choice for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating. And once you’re dressed, hey, ask yourself – is there anything you can’t do? I mean, challenge yourself. That’s what Rick would do.