Toddler's Cop/Police Recruit Costume

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The Kids' Toddler Cop Recruit Costume includes:

  • Hat
  • Jumpsuit

Your youngster will be proud to join the force as a new recruit in this crisp and lawfully winning 2-piece costume. It's all in a day's work when your excited little one suits up for the police force!

The hat features a canvas-like weave and shiny black brim, accented by a silver badge embossed on the cap's peak. A matching badge appears on the tough uniform's shirt, with attached tie, buttoned lapels, a belt buckle and police department patch on the left shoulder. The uniform is also heightened by an official yellow stripe that runs down each pant leg. A pouch is included for keeping hold of important police things.

A great costume for any tickle trunk for everyday dress-up, for making arrangements for a special photo shoot or for Halloween when it arrives. And who knows? It might be the beginning of a lifetime career for your strong little tyke.