Toddler's Classic C-3PO Star Wars Costume

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  • Toddler's Classic C-3PO Star Wars  Licensed Costume
  • Toddler's Classic C-3PO Star Wars Costume


The Toddler Classic Licensed Star Wars C-3PO Droid Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Hood
  • Mask
  • 2 Gloves


Give your young child an opportunity to experience what it means to be an android … to be marvelous and metallic, cleverer than the average human and photogenic well beyond anyone’s expectations.  3-CPO is not just a robot, he’s a hero – of a kind.

The jumpsuit depicts C-3PO’s shiny gold plating, designed with soft cloth-covered foam covered by markings that show icons, straps, joints and plate edges.  The exposed wires forming the underlying structure of C-3P0 is likewise patterned over the costume’s mid-drift.  The jumpsuit also has 3-D boot covers.  A pair of gold gloves completes coverage of the body, while Threepio’s iconic facial features are shown on the costume’s mask.

Dress your child for visits to show events, birthday parties and even a Star Wars fan expo if they’re excited to go.  Get them ready for Halloween or add the costume to their tickle trunk.  Be sure to get lots of pictures!

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