Toddler/Children's Minion Dave Despicable Me Costume

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The Toddler Minion Dave Despicable Me Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Headpiece


Ah, Dave. Intelligent, kind, caring … and funny. But, well, accident prone. And yet, as a lover of ice cream and bananas, Dave is one of the best loved and most recognized minions. Your child is sure to love being Dave in this sweet outfit.

Made of fleecy yellow and blue cloth, the jumpsuit provides the shirt and overalls in one piece, with elasticized cuffs for the ankles. The cuffs are loose and comfortable. The hat features the goggled two-eyed Dave, unlike his one-eye friend Stuart, plus eyebrows and a black strap to complete the illusion of goggles.

A great costume idea for birthday parties and dress up days, as well as a fun play suit for your child’s tickle trunk. Dave the minion is a great option for Halloween and other costume events besides.