Thing 1 or 2 Tutu Dr. Suess Costume

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Thing 1 or 2 costume includes:

  • Thing 1 or 2 t-shirt
  • Tutu
  • Thing 1 or 2 headband

This is a Thing 1 or 2 tutu costume. This is a cute and flirty take on the mischievous creatures from Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat story.

This three-piece costume comes with a shirt, tutu skirt and headband. The shirt is a red babydoll t-shirt with the Thing 1 or 2 logo on the front. There are removable numbers included with the shirt so you can decide to be either Thing 1 or Thing 2. The blue tutu has an elastic waistband and red mesh trim. The headband is fuzzy blue faux fur, like the Thing’s hair.

Go as a pair this Halloween! Wear this for a Seussical, and with other Cat in the Hat characters.