The Wasp, Ant-Man and The Wasp 2018 Movie Costume

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The Women’s the Wasp Superhero Jumpsuit Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • 2 Wrist cuffs
  • Mask


As the first female superhero to be included in the title of a Marvel film, embrace Evangeline Lilly’s portrayal of the amazing Wasp, whose fantastic powers were highlighted in the film Ant Man and the Wasp. As an electrifying presence, the Wasp kicking ass is absolutely awesome.

The Wasp’s jumpsuit is made of slick material, patterned with the complete details from the film, with a yellow chest and a dark blue striated surface, fitted with red and yellow seams. Offering the impression of an insect’s multi-eye pattern, the mask fits with a strap and provides the Wasp’s spectacular visage. Her bracers, or wrist cuffs, close with Velcro straps.

Strong and enticing for wear to any Halloween costume event, or for cosplay at the next game con or fan expo you’re able to attend. Add a pair of stylish boots or gloves to the mix for a greater effect. Wings are sold separately.