The Sorceress Costume - Plus Size

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The Sorceress Costume - Plus Size includes:

  • Gown
  • Headpiece


Take your place as a sorceress of magic and performer of witchcraft, and as mistress of the night, ghosts and all necromancy. Once you’re enveloped in this gorgeous velvet ensemble, the powers of heaven, earth and sea will be at your fingertips. Use them for good or ill, whichever should take your pleasure.

The magnificent velvet gown, with attached sparkling mystical-print sheer cape, is decorated with brilliant stars, moons and a thousand silver points. Each has been adoringly conceived, giving the translucent cape resonance. A slit in the dress rises dangerously and seductively upon the thigh. To complete the outfit, a headpiece drenched in faux gems, with a giant sapphire centerpiece and a second sapphire pendant, dresses the forehead with mystery and beauty.

Wear for a midnight gathering upon All Hallow’s Eve, or to a party with mortals who will fall in helplessly in love as you enter the room, with or without the use of magic. This magnificent costume will suit beautifully a night of role-playing, or as a vision for any fan-expo or con. Add a staff, mask or necklace to complete the image.