The Huntsman: Winter's War Ravenna Costume

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The Huntsman: Winter's War Ravenna Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Crown 
  • Cape

*Note: Wig and dagger sold separately.

Mirror, mirror on the wall... From the film, The Huntsman: Winter's War comes this wonderful Queen Ravenna deluxe women's costume.

This one-piece dress is the perfect costume for anyone willing to take on the role that actress Charlize Theron brought to life on screen. The bodice of the costume dress is a soft-to-the-touch fabric with some stretch to it. The main portion of the top of the dress has a metallic fabric with a criss-cross pattern. Over this, is a layer of black fishnet-like material. This material only covers the front of the dress's top while the back is a simple black fabric. At the top of the back is a strip of Velcro to help fasten it. The V-neck of the dress features a detailing of shimmering, gold-coloured accents that resemble feathers. Starting from the waist, this detail continues up the centre of the dress's top and splits to then travel up the shoulders. The open portion at the shoulders allows for some skin to be shown but in a modest way. The dress features sleeves created from a smaller fishnet-like fabric and contains flecks of gold to bring opulence and elegance to the dress. An elastic portion of the sleeve fits around your finger to allow the sleeves to stay put without riding up. The skirt is a beautiful, shining golden metallic fabric that lays over a simple, black underskirt. The waist of the dress also features pieces of soft foam and fabric that look almost like a leather fringe draping down the front of the waistline. A cape is also included with the Winter's War Queen Ravenna costume. Shorter than some capes, this accent piece has a soft black lining and a wonderful print on the outside. Golden feathers cover the outer portion of the cape and a stiff, high collar (created from foam) is wrapped on both sides with the feather decorated fabric. A Velcro strip fastens the cape together at the neckline. No queen can rule without her crown, so the Winter's War Queen Ravenna costume includes a stiff foam crown printed with golden detailing. It easily fits on the head and fastens with an elastic strip complete with Velcro.

The Queen Ravenna costume from The Huntsman: Winter's War is an ideal costume for any film or movie fan. It also makes a great cosplay outfit!