The Dark Knight Rises Batman Grand Heritage Costume

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The Dark Knight Rises Batman Grand Heritage Includes:

  • Black tights
  • Black longsleeved shirt
  • Latex Chest armour
  • Latex Body armour
  • Boot covers
  • Gloves
  • Utility Belt
  • Batman Mask
  • Cape

Get ready to take on the villains of Gotham City with this amazing Batman Grand Heritage Costume. This costume is based off the outfit worn in Christopher Nolan's epic The Dark Knight Rises movie and is perfect for any fan or collector of Batman. This 9 piece costume will impress anyone at your next costume party, charity event, comic convention or even on Halloween. You’ll be ready to save the city with this epic costume.

The base of the Batman Grand Heritage costume is a pair of black tights with an elastic waistband made out of comfortable, stretchy fabric. The long sleeved shirt is black and made of a similar form fitting, stretchy material. The molded latex chest armour sits atop the shirt and fastens with thin Velcro straps in the back. The short sleeved armour is highly detailed and features the bat emblem on the chest and gives the appearance of muscles. Another piece of latex body armour covers the waist and thighs. It is attached by ties around the waist and each leg. The Batman Grand Heritage costume also includes black latex boot covers and gloves. Both of these are molded with similar features to the rest of the body armour. The mask is molded black latex and fits comfortable over the head, fastening in the back with Velcro. The mask extends down the neck slightly and can be tucked into the body suit to give a seamless appearance. The utility belt is made of latex and ties around the waist. It is painted to look like burnished gold. Topping off the costume is a gorgeous thick satin cape that fastens around the neck. The ends of the cape are pointed to resemble a bat’s wing and have plastic in the tips to help them keep their shape. One thing to note about this costume is that many of the armour pieces need some assistance to help put on correctly so make sure that you have an Alfred or Robin at the ready to assist. This deluxe costume is sure to impress any fan of the Batman series and is wonderful for collectors and fans.

This amazing and detailed costume is perfect for events like comic conventions or for dressing up for a charity event, kids will love it. It is also great if you want to stand out at your next costume party or on Halloween. If you are looking for an authentic looking Batman costume then the Batman Grand Heritage costume is the one for you! Check out our other Batman costumes such as Robin or the various Gotham villains to make a great group costume!