The Conjuring Annabelle Doll Wig and Mask

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Ananbelle wig and mask kit includes:

  • Strawberry Blonde Pig Tail Wig
  • Annabelle Doll Mask

Be careful what you play with. Inspired by a true story the possessed doll was brought to life in the film Annabelle. Turn yourself into the terrifying possessed doll with this creepy Annabelle Mask and Wig set.

The Annabelle mask is made of a thin plastic and painted to look like a doll’s face. The eye openings sit just above the doll’s lifeless painted eyes. The mask is detailed with painted cracks and shadowing to give it a creepy appearance. The Annabelle wig is a strawberry blonde wig with braided pigtails. The pigtails have red ribbon on each end.

This creepy mask and wig combo is perfect for inspiring terror this Halloween. A great mask for a scary Halloween party!