Teen's Predator 2018 Movie Costume

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The Predator 2018 Movie Teen Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit (padded)
  • Belt
  • Gauntlet with blade
  • Mask


From the outer reaches of space, you’ll land on earth and begin a terrifying hunt through the small-town streets of suburbia.  The Earth will try to stop you with a pathetic, ragtag crew of ex-soldiers – and a science teacher – but they’ll never succeed as you tear this soft, helpless world apart …

The jumpsuit of the Predator costume provides padding that simulates the frightening musculature of the Ultimate Predator.  It is colored throughout with patterns that reflect the 2018 film.  The Predator’s belt is rendered in profoundly detailed 3-D rubber, fitting in place with the Velcro tab.  Similarly, the rubber mask of the creature depicts the depth of its inner mouth.  A tooth extends at each of four corners, plus the Predator’s deep eyes.  The mask matches the jumpsuit’s patchy coloring.  Finally, the arm sleeves complete the costume with rich detail, with an attached grey blade fixed on the arm of your choice.

Once you’ve reached Earth, take a moment from killing humans and attend a Halloween party … or any costume event.  Add a power weapon for better effect; and don’t be surprised if you find yourself alone beside the food table.  We’re saying it’s a very scary costume.