Teen's Jerome Halo Wars 2 Muscle Costume

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Teen Jermone Halo Wars 2 Muscle Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms
  • Attached shoulder pieces
  • Full helmet.

One Size: Teen (up to chest 38")

Fight with the Red Team and earn your rank as Commander in the Teen Jermone Halo Wars 2 Muscle Costume! As a fully trained super soldier how can you lose?


This two piece set is intricately detailed to the likeness of Spartan-II armor from Halo Wars 2. The main base of the costume is a full body jumpsuit which is padded in sections to resemble muscles. There are printed details that span the entirety of the jumpsuit, consisting mainly of green shades with red and grey touches. Through the use of shading, images of scratches and deterioration create a realistic depiction of battered metal.  There are subtle additions to the printed design such as bolts, ventilation shafts, and metallic hardware. Each shoulder has an attached foam piece which adds to the illusion of protective armor, and the jumpsuit has full length sleeves and legs.

The included green helmet has two attachable pieces, and it made of formed plastic. It follows the structure and design of the Spartan-II helmets, and features a stripe of red across the top of the head. In order to ensure full-visibility when being worn, the golden visor is see-through from the inside when being worn.

Earning your keep at the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command has never been easier! The Teen Jarmone Halo Wars 2 Muscle Costume is perfect for the Halo lover in your life! Wear to action-packed parties, your local comic expo, or use to stay warm Halloween night! 

The Kids Cole Ninjago Movie Deluxe Costume includes:

·         Minifigue Tunic

·         Mask

·         Hand covers

·         Pants

Is your child ready to behold to responsibility of being the elemental master of earth? Gather your team of heroes and set out to stop Garmadon in his tracks this Halloween with the Kids Cole Ninjago Movie Deluxe Costume! As a man of few words, let your outfit do the talking!

This costume comes in four pieces and is made in the likeness of Cole from the Ninjago team! The tunic is designed to puff out into a three-dimensional box shape, completing the silhouette of a Lego minifigure while also leaving room for extra layers on Halloween night! There are printed designs in shades of brown, orange, and yellow over the front and back of the costume. On the front there is the created image of a sash with Asian characters and a tied waist belt. The back contains a unique symbol pertaining to the element earth. The attached full-length sleeves are made of a more spandex-like material and are yellow with bands of brown and black closer to the wrist. Around the neck of the tunic there is a short collar, helping to blend the costume into the mask.

The mask included in the Cole Ninjago Movie Deluxe Costume formed in the shape of a ninja’s headpiece, including a brown painted sash with a symbol. A yellow mesh with printed detailed eyes covers a cut-out section on the mask, this allows the wearer to see and navigate while in costume. To wear the accessory there is a black elastic connected to the back and is designed to slip over the head. Also as a part of the set there is a pair of black hand covers made in the curved iconic shape of a Lego minifigure. These handovers only cover the tops of the hands and therefore allow your child to maintain full mobility and functionality.  As the final completing piece of the ensemble, a matching pair of pants in black with bands of brown ties is included, designed with an elastic waistband.

This costume would make a perfect gift for the young martial arts lover in your life. A great outfit for birthday parties, Lego themed events, or Trick or Treating! For a grand entrance add a few more ninjas to the mix with the other Ninjago Movie costumes in our collection.