Teen's Foxy Five Nights At Freddy's Costume

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Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy Teen Costume includes:

  • Plush costume top
  • Mitt
  • Hook
  • Mask

One Size: Teen (up to chest 36")

Who doesn’t like dinner and a show? What better place to take your loved ones this Halloween then to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria! Watch as your friends and family shrink away in fear as your emerge from Pirate Cove and reveal your hook wearing the Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy Teen Costume!

This 100% polyester costume comes in four separate pieces, made to resemble the terrorizing animatronic performer, Foxy the Pirate! The long-sleeved top is made from a soft fuzzy material and is bright orange in color with a large circular patch on the front abdomen in a lighter orange. Each sleeve extends halfway where the fabric transitions into spandex. These spandex sections include printed designs of un-covered machinery and metal. There is also a jagged printed design inside the middle of the light orange patch which also features shards of metal and pieces. On the back of the shirt there is a Velcro tab along the nape of the neck to secure the costume on the body.

Three additional arm pieces are also included in the Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy Teen costume. The first is a silver hand mitt in the shape of a metal hook which can be attached to the wrist by an elastic band. There is also an on orange fabric sleeve with two sewn-in elastic bands, this is made to blend the edges between the shirt and the hook. The third piece is an orange fabric sleeve attached to a silver mitt which can be worn by sliding the mitt on and over the other sleeve.

Finally, as the completing piece to the creepy ensemble there is a partially molded Foxy mask. The majority of this pull-over mask is made of matching orange fabric, and features fabric ears and streamer attachments for hair. On the front of the mask, over the face, there are molded and painted facial features and a muzzle. These features partially include pointed ‘tufts’ near the cheekbones, a muzzle, and an eye patch.

Don’t just hide in the dark waiting for your time to shine, take the jump-scare to them! Wear the Five nights at Freddy’s Foxy Teen Costume trick or treating for a warm escapade, or make partygoers uneasy as you celebrate!