Teen's Edward Assassin's Creed Costume

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Edward Assassin's Creed Teen Costume includes:

  • Tunic with attached belt sashes
  • Removable hood
  • Boot covers

*Note: Pants not included.

Part of the Assassin's Creed Collection.

Take the oath in this Edward Assassin's Creed Teen Costume!

This three-piece costume comes as a full tunic. The sleeves and collar, along with the front of the costume, are a white fabric. Attached to this white fabric is a steel blue fabric that can be seen on either side of the white front. Soft brown felt pieces cover the shoulders with round, silver metallic fabric pieces to resemble riveted pieces. Gauntlet-like areas on the forearms of the sleeves feature the brown felt material while a small portion of white can be seen at the very ends. This area is also elastic. More soft felt is attached to the front of the tunic in a vest-like fashion with similar silver metallic "rivets." The back of the tunic is also created with the same soft, brown felt. Criss-crossing the front and back of the tunic are two attached straps. These straps are created from the soft, brown felt fabric used in the shoulder pads. Attached to the tops of these two straps on the shoulders is a white hood which can be removed via Velcro straps. The hood on the Edward Assassin's Creed costume has a peak in the front and a triangular pattern of steel blue in the back. Also found in the back, is a strip of Velcro at the top of the neck area to help fasten the tunic closed. Around the waist of the Edward Assassin's Creed Teen costume is a sash. Brown felt trimmed with a dark red fabric wraps around the front and back, while being secured to the sides of the waist. A longer piece of the red fabric hangs in front, while a ring of silver metal is featured in the centre. Areas of the steel blue colour hang down below the "vest" and white faux shirt front. Brown felt boot tops are also included with this Assassin's Creed inspired costume. They simply slip over your shoes and fasten underneath with an elastic strap and Velcro.

Take to the building tops in this awesome Edward Assassin's Creed Teen costume! Fun for any video-game themed party or Expo event!