Teen's Buck Halo Spartan Muscle Costume

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The Teen Halo Spartan Buck Muscle Costume includes:

  • One piece jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms
  • Buck's Spartan style helmet

This is Buck's Halo 5 co-op/NPC outfit.  The most recent appearance of Buck has him making Spartan, and this costume reflects the promotion.  With muscly padded arms, chest, and abs, and a detailed plastic half-helmet, your teen will look fantastic in this simple yet detailed costume.

The Teen Size Buck Spartan Costume is a great, simple ay to give the effect of armour and muscles with minimal effort.  The soft, mildly glossy material is padded just right to make even the smallest hero look buff.  The back of the costume fastens with velcro tabs all the way to the neck, and the stretchy pants will blend seamlessly with combat boots.  The costume's shoulders are three dimensional foam and stand out from the rest of the suit like pauldrons.  The suit flexes nicely as you move, allowing maximum movement for intense combat situations.  The mask is made with heavy plastic and painted to look like a post-modern Spartan mask.  The green semi-transparent visor provides great visibility.  You can even see your feet in this costume!  The mask is held in place with a stretchy band and is slightly adjustable.  

Make Nathan Fillion proud with this excellent Buck Muscle costume from Halo 5.  Great to wear for a variety of events, you could use this outfit for Halloween, conventions, hardcore gaming sessions, themed parties, or very futuristic LARPing.