Bonnie Five Nights at Freddy'sTeen's Costume

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The Teen Bonnie Five Nights at Freddy's Costume includes:

  • Plush Shirt
  • 2 Mitts
  • Mask

Be ready to find your robot voice and jump scare others into next week, as you become the ghost inside this plush Bonnie the Bunny costume from the video game, Five Nights at Freddy's. You'll want to be in free-roaming mode, and not just from midnight to six A.M., once you suit up in this costume.

Made of soft, plushable fabric, the mask, torso and mitts are easy to slip into for fast dress-up. The pullover shirt attaches at the back with velcro seal, while the mask, with rubber face, pulls over the head like a hood. This hood also features a pair of stiff ears. Of course, the shirt features Bonnie the Bunny's iconic red bow. Stage guitar not included.

A great choice for cosplay at any game con or similar event, or for this years' Halloween. Bonnie also makes a great addition to any costume party or a night of bringing robot horrors to life.