Sweet Pea Sucker Punch Fight Suit Costume

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Sweet Pea costume includes:

  • Corset joacket with coat tails and hood
  • Matching short-shorts
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Thigh-high nylons

This is the combat costume for the character Sweet Pea from the movie Sucker Punch.

The Sweet Pea costume is a stretchy black hooded tail coat with a shimmery sheen and only one sleeve. There is a soft plastic moulded armour piece attached to the shoulder. The coat laces up the front, similar to a corset. The tail of the jacket is split in two and has an inner hem of velour and holes for laces. There is a black weave strap belt with a snap buckle that goes around the arms and body. The booty shorts are black and stretchy with an elastic waist. There are also black fingerless gloves with mesh at the wrists and black thigh high nylons to finish your costume off.

This is a fun sexy combat style Sweet Pea costume that is perfect for costume parties. For a fun group costume get 5 girls together and go as the Sucker Punch team.