Super Deluxe Rey Star Wars: The Force Awakens Costume

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The Ladies Super Deluxe Episode 8 Rey Costume includes:

  • Top with Attached Wraps
  • Pants with Attached Boot Covers
  • Arm Warmers
  • 1 3D Cuff
  • 3D Belt

After seeking out Luke Skywalker on Akch-To, you have much to learn about the Force in the Deluxe Rey Costume!  With life as a scavenger behind you, the Resistance will lead you on a journey of self discovery, and good versus evil.

This ladies four-piece costume set is designed to mimic Rey’s outfit from the up and coming Star Wars Episode 8 movie! The top included is a sleeveless gray tunic made in a rougher pilled material, and attached at the hems around the shoulder are long, light gray, wraps which overlap at an angle across the body creating an ‘X’ shape. A set of arm warmers is included, made of a light cream-colored fabric which slips on fitting over most of the arm below the shoulder. A single 3D cuff designed to resemble faux leather sits of the left wrist, this cuff matches the double tiered belt included which fits around the waist. The included pants come in an off-gray and have an elastic waist band to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. At the end of each pant leg there is an attached boot-top made of a slightly stiffer distressed brown material. These boot-tops slip over regular shoes to disguise them, using an elastic band which goes underneath the heel to secure them.

Pair this Deluxe Episode 8 Rey costume with a blue light-saber and your very own BB-8 to really get into character. Wear to Disney or Star Wars themed events, or gather a group to traverse your local comic convention!