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Super Deluxe Count Dracula Vampire Halloween Costume

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Also available for in store pickup or curbside service during business hours
11am to 6pm - Monday to Saturday:
4307 Blackfoot Trail S.E.

Dracula costume includes:

  • Cape with collar
  • Vest with sleeves
  • Jabot

Step into the shadows of the night with this Deluxe Dracula. The Vampire is an amazing, high quality costume made for the theater.

This costume comes with the essential Vampire pieces. The shirt is a thick vest made from a soft taffeta and soft velour vines embedded on it. The shirt does up in the back, which is plain black, with series of heavy duty Velcro strips. The base of the shirt is a soft yet thick satin with buttons dotting the front, a big collar and puffy sleeves. The sleeves of the shirt have a dual layered cuff and a tie that wraps around the wrist. The jabot is included and has three layers made from the same heavy satiny fabric and lace. The jabot Velcro's around the beck for a snug fit. The best costume piece has to be the heavy cape. The cape is floor length and made from a black velour material with a red taffeta lining. The lining has natural creases in it which brings out the dramatic flare that is the creature of the night himself, Dracula. There is a daring black collar with matching taffeta pipe trim and a beautiful lea and black jeweled clasp.

This theatrical Vampire costume is for the serious Vampires in plays, Halloween parties, and even handing out candy in the most classic Halloween Costume.