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Stella Red & Black Venetian Masquerade Mask

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Each hand finished mask might vary in decoration, adornments and style.This dark and daring Colombina Stella mask is shaped to bring out the inner devil and flirtatious female. The cut of the mask is a gentle ladies mask that flares up on the sides and has a ridge in the middle like a tiara. The base is a deep sultry red colour with black airbrushed cheeks. This mask flirts in a dark way with red glitter gliding in dramatic swirls on the cheeks and around the eyes like eyeliner, to make your eyes stand out. There is black glitter swirls on the top and dotting down the front and sides of the nose. For a dark temptress look at your next masquerade party, pick up this darque black mask. It will jazz up that little black dress and works well for Christmas masquerade parties as well.

About the Masks

These fabulous genuine Venetian masks are designed by artist, Augusto Maurandi, and are created by his team in Venice, Italy. Each mask is authentically handcrafted of paper-mache in the artisan traditions of Venetian mask-makers. With satin ribbons on either side, these masks are ready for wear or display; a great piece for the avid art or mask collector.