Steampunk Single Wrist Cuff Accessory

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Are you a luxurious lady who loves lace, metal and gears? The Steampunk Single Wrist Cuff Accessory is an elegant and unique piece to turn your ensemble into something to remember. Made out of a beautiful brown lace, this accessory fits over the wrist as a bracelet but resembles the cuff of a dress-shirt. Sitting attached on the lace is a small golden clock emblem which includes a small attached golden chain, of which dangles down and reconnects to another attached emblem. This other emblem is of an octopus and it is painted a silver shade. A black ribbon is also included adding a more rustic feel to the accessory. Wear this Steampunk Single Wrist Cuff out to Steampunk themed events or parties, keep for your own day t- day collection, or utilize for a unique character cosplay!