Star Wars Supreme Edition Stormtrooper Costume

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Supreme Stormtrooper Star Wars costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Molded armor chest piece
  • Molded armor back and lower back piece
  • Molded armor codpiece
  • Belt
  • Molded armor shoulder pieces
  • Molded armor biceps and guantlets
  • Molded armor thighs, knees and shins
  • Black gloves
  • Helmet

This Imperial Trooper is one not to miss! Fight the Rebels with this original movie replica Stormtrooper costume! The officially licensed costume is perfect for lovers of Star Wars! Be warned, this costume will drastically reduce your ability to aim your blaster! 

The pieces to this Supreme Stormtrooper are made after the original trilogy Star Wars movie Stormtroopers, you are getting the real deal! All of the armour pieces are made from sturdy, injection molded plastic. The chest and codpiece are attached to one another with two elastic strips, and the pieces connect to the back and bottom pieces with Velcro. These pieces, as well as the back and bottom pieces have molded details, including an attached, injection molded belt. The shin and thigh guards have a Velcro closure running down the back seam, and the thigh guards have foam padding for a comfortable fit. The arm guards and gauntlets connect with Velcro, and a hand cover piece attaches to the gauntlets. The shoulder guards connect to the arm guards with velcro as well. This amazing costume also includes a black polyester jumpsuit and black costume gloves. The collector's edition helmet has full color details and see-through lenses. A full-color guide to putting the costume on is also included.

Join the Imperial troopers as you fight for the Dark Side! This is the costume you want for Comic Conventions or if you really want to impress at Halloween. It would also be perfect for charity events or other Star Wars themed events. It is also an excellent option to wear to the new movies! Or costume pairs perfectly with the Supreme Darth Vader!