Star Wars Supreme Edition Chewbacca Costume

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Supreme Chewbacca costume includes:

  • Bodysuit
  • Boot covers
  • Gloves
  • Shoulder bag
  • Mask

Jump into the co-pilot seat as Chewbacca from the Star Wars saga. This is a supreme Chewbacca full mascot costume from Star Wars.

The Chewbacca costume is a one piece bodysuit. To give this costume a realist look, the manufacturers constructed it in the same manner as the one used in the movies; the high quality multi coloured hair is hand layered onto the body. The majority of the hair is shades of brown but at the shoulder and down the arms the hair is shades of grey. There are also some grey mixed in on the legs. The jumpsuit buttons up the back with black buttons hooking onto elastic loops. The shoe covers are latex covered in layered hair. The details are impeccable and through the hair you can see toenail detail.

The same goes with the latex gloves. The latex is a tan color with brown detailing.Each finger has a finger print and the palms have crease detail forming palm lines. The top of the hand is covered in hair and the nails are black. The gloves are smooth inside and comfortable to wear. There is a latex shoulder bag as well. The strap is a sepia bandolier with silver boxes strapped on. There are o-rings attaching the bag which is light brown and seals with a snap button. It is a working bag and is approximately 9.5” tall, 9” wide and opens approximately 5”.

The mask is latex and covered with layers of hair. The top and back are shades of grey and the front and bottom are shades of brown. There are holes for your eyes and holes in the nose and mouth of breathing. The mouth is set to bear teeth and is quite detailed showing the lips, teeth and gums. The inside of the mask has a piece of rubbery foam in the forehead keeping it lifted. To keep the face off the latex there is a plastic piece at the nose and mouth and a large foam square is between the eyes. The head is very large and some extra padding inside may be needed to help keep the mask in place.

This Chewbacca costume would be perfect fit for a Star Wars convention, movie premier or similar events. This Supreme costume also makes a great collector’s piece. Start practicing your Wookiee noises now if you want to sound as real as this costume looks. Ggggrrrrrhhhh!!!!